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- Florist's Suggestions

The best way for you to send flowers or plants, is to call and talk to me or our staff personally. You can explain what your needs are and then we can create a custom design using the best quality flowers available. If you give us enough time and need special flowers for a special occasion we can get them for you.  And remember we do have a free service of sending you a picture by e-mail of what your friend received.

Since 1978, we have been delighted to provide beautiful flowers to San Francisco

The Flower Girl The story began when I was about 11 years old. One afternoon, my father called me out to his Flower Garden to show me a flower that had just freshly bloomed. My heart raced as I saw how beautiful and elegant that single flower was. Then I smelled the flower. Oh my goodness! It was like heaven. I never experienced that fragrance before. That flower's name was Freesia. I can still remember that magical moment when my heart was drawn into the flower world.
My Father was the reason I became a florist.

It is our pleasure and honor to know that flowers have been filling people's hearts with Happiness, Joy, a sense of Healing and creating wonderful Encounters.

Attention to Quality

Mizukiri We are a Japanese Florists so our method of flower care is based on the Japanese Way.This includes
 MIZUKIRI, which means cutting each flower under water so that no air goes into the stem.


Go Green!

Recycling containers (- Click for samples -)

Let's recycle! Please bring in your bottle, glass, or vase so we can arrange flowers in your own container. Please return the water tubes that we put on the roses when you purchased them.

Using Fabrics

With recycled glasses and bottles, we can cover them with Wrapti fabrics of many brilliant colors. Afterwards, the cloths can be reused in different ways. Instructions are included for reuse and folding it into various animal and flower shapes.

How to wrap
Piink Roses
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